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        上海洽姆儀器科技有限公司-酸性藍-1|SUPELCOSIL LC-18-S 色譜柱|SUPELCOSIL LC-18-DB 色譜柱


        • 聯系人:魏先生
        • 電話:86-021-52969808
        • 傳真:86-021-52969809
        • 手機:18918173136
        • 郵箱:weizunlai@126.com
        • 地址:上海市閔行區寶南路58號寶南商務中心118室 QQ: 2940282038
        產品展廳 當前位置:首頁 > 液相色譜柱 > Astec CHIROBIOTIC T 手性高效液相色譜柱
        Astec CHIROBIOTIC T 手性高效液相色譜柱
        起批量( 價格
        ≥1 ¥15669元/根
        • 供貨能力:現貨
        • 最低訂購量:1根
        • 可銷售總數量:20根
        • 建議零銷價:15210元/根
        • 發布日期: 2020-04-28
        • 更新日期: 2021-01-14
        型號: 12024AST 分辨率: 1
        品牌: Astec 測量精度: 1
        貨號: 12024AST 加工定制:
        電源電壓: 1 規格:
        重量: 測量范圍:

               Astec CHIROBIOTIC® T is based on bonding the amphoteric glycopeptide teicoplanin to high-purity silica gel through multiple covalent linkages. Teicoplanin contains 23 chiral centers surrounding four pockets or cavities. CHIROBIOTIC® T has unique selectivity for a number of classes of molecules, specifically underivatized α, β, γ, or cyclic amino acids, N-derivatized amino acids (i.e. FMOC, CBZ, t-BOC) and alpha hydroxy-carboxylic acids, acidic compounds including carboxylic acids and phenols, small peptides, neutral aromatic analytes, and cyclic aromatic and aliphatic amines. One of the major features of CHIROBIOTIC® T is its "complementary stereoselectivity" to CHIROBIOTIC® V and CHIROBIOTIC® R.

        Bonded phase: Teicoplanin
        Operating pH range: 3.8 - 6.8
        Particle support: High-purity silica gel
        Particle diameter: 5, 10, or 16μm
        Pore size: 100 ?
        USP Code: L63

        12018ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm10cm×2.1mm
        12010ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm10cm×3.0mm
        12022ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm10cm×4.6mm
        12019ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm15cm×2.1mm
        12023ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm15cm×4.6mm
        12101ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜保護柱5μm2cm×1.0mm
        12100ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜保護柱5μm2cm×4.0mm
        12034ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm25cm×10.0mm
        12020ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm25cm×2.1mm
        12044ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm25cm×21.2mm
        12024ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm25cm×4.6mm
        12124ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱10μm25cm×4.6mm
        51047ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱15μm25cm×4.6mm
        51046ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱15μm5cm×10mm
        51045ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T SMB 8 色譜柱套裝15μm5cm×10mm
        12021ASTAstec CHIROBIOTIC® T 手性高效液相色譜柱5μm5cm×4.6mm
        21150ASTSupelguard 保護柱套  

        地址:上海市閔行區寶南路58號寶南商務中心118室 QQ: 2940282038 電話:86-021-52969808 傳真:86-021-52969809 聯系人:魏先生 手機:18918173136
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