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        上海洽姆儀器科技有限公司-酸性藍-1|SUPELCOSIL LC-18-S 色譜柱|SUPELCOSIL LC-18-DB 色譜柱


        • 聯系人:魏先生
        • 電話:86-021-52969808
        • 傳真:86-021-52969809
        • 手機:18918173136
        • 郵箱:weizunlai@126.com
        • 地址:上海市閔行區寶南路58號寶南商務中心118室 QQ: 2940282038
        產品展廳 當前位置:首頁 > 液相色譜柱 > Astec CYCLOBOND I 2000 手性HPLC柱
        Astec CYCLOBOND I 2000 手性HPLC柱
        起批量( 價格
        ≥1 ¥10665元/根
        • 供貨能力:現貨
        • 最低訂購量:1根
        • 可銷售總數量:20根
        • 建議零銷價:10663元/根
        • 發布日期: 2020-04-28
        • 更新日期: 2021-01-13
        型號: 20024AST 分辨率: 1
        品牌: Astec 測量精度: 1
        貨號: 20024AST 加工定制:
        電源電壓: 1 規格:
        重量: 測量范圍:

              CYCLOBOND is the name given to Astec′s technology of bonding beta- and gamma- cyclodextrins to a high purity 5μ silica gel. This patented process was developed to produce a stable ether linkage, with the cyclodextrin arranged in such a way as to retain its most valuable property of forming inclusion complexes. Chemical separations are effected by selective inclusion of a wide variety of organic molecules from solution into the cyclodextrin cavity.

        20024ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm10662.00
        20124ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 AC 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm11415.00
        20924ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 DM 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm15164.00
        20724ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 DMP 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm14047.00
        25024ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 DNP 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm11415.00
        20324ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 RSP 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm11415.00
        24024ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 HP-RSP 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm11415.00
        20224ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® I 2000 SP 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm15476.00
        41020ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® II 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm12046.00
        41022ASTAstec CYCLOBOND® II AC 手性HPLC柱5μm25cm×4.6mm13111.00

        地址:上海市閔行區寶南路58號寶南商務中心118室 QQ: 2940282038 電話:86-021-52969808 傳真:86-021-52969809 聯系人:魏先生 手機:18918173136
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